Car Rental

Available for vehicle travel of 20 - 100 miles or for more than one day of usage (any distance),
or if a passenger van is needed, while conducting official business.

Requests for an Enterprise Rental Vehicle can be made by filling out a Transportation Request Form. The Business Office will send you confirmation of the Rental Vehicle and further instructions.

Pick Up and Return

  1. Please print reservation details and either arrange for a free pick-up from Enterprise (call the location reserved from) or walk to the Enterprise location. 
  2. You will need to provide a valid driver's license at the time of the reservation. (No credit card will be needed). Please allow extra time to complete paperwork at the rental office.
  3. IMPORTANT – If you are planning on having an additional driver(s) using the vehicle, you must add them to the rental policy. This means that all drivers MUST be present and provide their driver’s license to Enterprise at the time of picking up the vehicle.
  4. Additional insurance offered by car rental companies is authorized (Collision Damage Waiver, Loss Damage Waiver, Liability lnsurance, Supplement, Personal Accident lnsurance and Personal Effects lnsurance) and should be accepted. The additional insurance will be coordinated with existing policies, and provide full coverage should there be an accident in a rental vehicle.
  5. Employees are responsible for canceling rental vehicle reservations. See your Enterprise reservation for rental details and rental policies. Should you need to modify the rental dates, contact Enterprise by calling their toll-free number listed on top of the rental agreement
  6. Return the rented vehicle:
    • To the original rental location unless approved for a one-way rental
    • lntact (no dings or scratches).
    • On time to avoid additional hourly charges
    • Note the gas level at the start of your reservation (it should be noted on your reservation paperwork); you will need to purchase gas before returning the vehicle to the rental agency.

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Fuel Cards and FasTrak

Fuel Cards

  • All Agency Pool Vehicles are equipped with, or issued at the time of your reservation, a fuel card(s). For District Staff: rental cars will be equipped with, or issued at the time of reservation, a fuel card(s) unless waived in lieu of seeking reimbursement. For Non-District Staff: rental cars will NOT be issued a fuel card(s). Drivers must seek fuel reimbursement from their employer.
  • Fuel cards require entering an Employee ID/PIN  number and the odometer reading (in that sequence) into the keypad on the gasoline dispenser.
  • The Employee ID/fuel PIN for Pool Vehicles is written on each pool vehicle/rental vehicle check out sheet.
  • Employees must always select regular unleaded gasoline as opposed to premium gasoline.  Employees may also use the gasoline fuel cards to pay for car washes, lubricants, or emergency repairs. 
  • No other items may be purchased with the gasoline fuel cards.
  • Attach all receipts to the “trip ticket” when returning fuel cards – all charges are billed directly to the applicable department or agency.


  • All Agency Pool Vehicles and Rental Vehicles are equipped with a FasTrak toll tag (transponder), or one will be issued at the time of your reservation.
  • In the Bay Area, FasTrak is a way to pay for tolls on all toll bridges electronically. FasTrak makes it quick and convenient to pay tolls because you don't need to carry cash. It also saves you time by letting you cross bridge toll plazas nonstop, and allows carpools to use the carpool lanes and receive discounted rates on toll bridges. 
  • If the transponder is missing or defective please note this on the “trip ticket” or contact Fleet Services so the vehicle can be furnished with a replacement one.
  • Complete the “trip ticket” when returning FasTrak transponders – all charges are billed directly to the applicable department or agency.

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Procedures for Accidents in a Rental Vehicle

  1. Exchange information with the other party.
  2. Notify the vehicle rental company and complete required paperwork.
  3. Complete any paperwork required by the local or state police department.
  4. Report any accident or theft involving a rental vehicle to your supervisor and Fleet Services at as soon as possible after the incident. Provide a copy of the police report (if one is filed).
  5. Fleet Services will work with the insurance company and rental vehicle vendor to resolve the claim, regardless of fault.

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