Agency Pool Fleet Vehicles

Dedicated pool vehicles available for use when conducting official business.

The Air District’s Business Office maintains a fleet of dedicated pool vehicles that are available for use when conducting official business. The fleet vehicles are shared vehicles available to employees of BCDC, BAAQMD and MTC.

Requests for an Agency Pool Vehicle can be made by filling out a Transportation Request Form. A Business Office staff member will confirm the request and notify the employee via email of the Pool Vehicle details or alternate transportation options identified for use.

Pick Up and Return

  • Pool vehicle keys, fuel and maintenance cards are available in the Administrative Services Division on the 6th floor, (“Pool Vehicle Out” basket at cubicle 6233B).
  • Requests must be made a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours prior to pick up, and no later than 1:00 P.M. Monday - Thursday, and 12:00 P.M. Friday and must be picked up during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Drivers should plan accordingly for early morning, late evening, and weekend trips.
  • Keys, fuel and maintenance cards, and any gas receipts should be returned to the Administrative Services Division (“Pool Vehicle In” basket at cubicle 6233B).
  • When returning the pool vehicle, fill out the Vehicle Use “Trip Ticket” with actual mileage information and any damage, malfunction or maintenance issues and attach all receipts used such as gas purchases.
  • Drivers are responsible for honoring the shared fleet vehicle courtesies.
  • Note: Stick to the start and end time of reservation. Vehicles are reserved for multiple drivers each day. If an extention of the reservation is needed, please contact Fleet Services for approval / availability.

Each Agency Pool Vehicle should have the following items inside the vehicle:

  • Enterprise Maintenance Card
  • FasTrak Transponder
  • Two Fueling Cards
  • License Plates (2)
  • Proof of Insurance Card
  • DMV Registration

Any items missing, defective, lost, or stolen must be reported immediately to Fleet Services so the vehicle can be furnished with replacements.

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Fuel Cards and FasTrak

Fuel Cards

  • All Agency pool vehicles are equipped with, or issued at the time of your reservation, a fuel card(s). For District Staff: rental cars will be equipped with, or issued at the time of reservation, a fuel card(s) unless waived in lieu of seeking reimbursement. For Non-District Staff: rental cars will NOT be issued a fuel card(s). Drivers must seek fuel reimbursement from their employer.
  • Fuel cards require entering an Employee ID/PIN number and the odometer reading (in that sequence) into the keypad on the gasoline dispenser.
  • The Employee ID/fuel PIN for Pool Vehicles is written on each pool vehicle/rental vehicle check-out sheet.
  • Employees must always select regular unleaded gasoline as opposed to premium gasoline.  Employees may also use the gasoline fuel cards to pay for car washes, lubricants, or emergency repairs. 
  • No other items may be purchased with the gasoline fuel cards.
  • Attach all receipts to the “trip ticket” when returning fuel cards – all charges are billed directly to the applicable department or agency.


  • All Agency Pool Vehicles and Rental Vehicles are equipped with a FasTrak toll tag (transponder), or one will be issued at the time of your reservation.
  • In the Bay Area, FasTrak is a way to pay for tolls on all toll bridges electronically. FasTrak makes it quick and convenient to pay tolls because you don't need to carry cash. It also saves you time by letting you cross bridge toll plazas nonstop, and allows carpools to use the carpool lanes and receive discounted rates on toll bridges. 
  • If the transponder is missing or defective please note this on the “trip ticket” or contact Fleet Services so the vehicle can be furnished with a replacement one.
  • Complete the “trip ticket” when returning FasTrak transponders – all charges are billed directly to the applicable department or agency.

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Pool Vehicle Breakdowns, Accidents and Safety Guidelines

Enterprise Maintenance Card

Agency Pool Vehicles are managed by Enterprise Fleet Management to maintain service records, mileage, and other general vehicle maintenance. All Agency Pool Vehicles are equipped with an Enterprise Maintenance Card which should be used to access services, repairs and roadside assistance. (A 24-hour assistance phone number, 1-800-325-8838, is on each card for drivers to call.)


  • If a vehicle breaks down, is out of gasoline, or has a flat tire, practice safety first. Changing a tire or pushing a vehicle is discouraged and is unsafe. Please exercise sound judgment in these circumstances.  If the vehicle is not in a safe location, move to a safe location and contact your supervisor and the 24-hour Enterprise assistance line (1-800-325-8838).
  • There should be no out of pocket expenses, all charges are billed to Enterprise Fleet Management.
  • 24-hour availability to emergency roadside assistance.


  • Call for medical aid if necessary.
  • Contacting the police for a report may not be necessary in certain situations. If the liable driver does not have auto insurance, contact the police for a report. If you were injured, it's a good idea to have a police report taken in order to document the injuries at the scene of the accident.
  • Report any accident or theft involving a Pool Vehicle to your supervisor and the Business Office as soon as possible after the incident. Provide a copy of the police report (if one is filed) and an incident form (Attachment B), located in the pool vehicle glove compartment. Drivers should also obtain pictures of any damage or road conditions if applicable.
  • ONLY if the vehicle is safely operable, will the vehicle need to be driven into the Office. When in doubt use the Enterprise Fleet Maintenance card for a tow!! Fleet Services will coordinate the repair of all vehicles.

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Six Simple Courtesies for Pool Vehicle Sharing

Using a fleet vehicle for business is a privilege. Drivers and passengers are expected to follow six simple courtesies to ensure that fleet vehicles are ready for travel when needed. 

Each vehicle is used by multiple drivers each day. Adhere to the start and end time of your reservation or you will inconvenience other drivers.

Six Simple Courtesies:

  1. Fill the tank at least ½ full for the next driver. Use the fleet WEX or Chevron card attached to the vehicle keys and attach the receipt to the vehicle “trip ticket”.
  2. Clean up after yourself. Drivers bear ultimate responsibility for the condition of the vehicle used. Please remove all litter and personal belongings.
  3. Complete odometer reading. Fill out vehicle “trip ticket” form when returning vehicle.
  4. Return keys, fuel card(s) and gas receipts promptly.  Adhere to the start and end time of reservation.
  5. Turn off lights, including interior dome light, before exiting the Pool vehicle.
  6. Notify Fleet Vehicle Services immediately of any vehicle problems so we can correct them for the next driver.

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